Best Time Of Year To Remove Squirrels

Best Time Of Year To Remove Squirrels

Squirrels can be unwanted companions, especially when you spend a lot of time preparing your vegetable patch, garden, or flower boxes. Squirrels and their extremely sensitive sense of smell do not like strong smells. Being territorial animals, anything that could blur the tracks of urine and prevent them from finding it will be useful to you. So, here in this article let’s know about the best time of year to remove squirrels and some tips for wildlife removal.

Best Time Of Year To Remove Squirrels

Best Time Of Year To Remove Squirrels:

In summer, the squirrel often builds a nest of leaves and twigs high in the trees.

In the fall, it hides food in preparation for the winter, since it does not hibernate. Its diet consists of a bit of everything: seeds, nuts, samaras, bulbs, flowers, fruits, insects, eggs, etc.

To spend the winter, he moves to a place better protected from the weather, most often in the hollow of a trunk.

The best time of year to remove squirrels is in late spring, mid-fall, and late winter. This is mating season for squirrels. Squirrels mate in these seasons and then squirrel mother give birth to babies.

So, before squirrel baby season you should destroy squirrel nests or after the squirrel babies grow old. You should not destroy squirrel nests when it has baby squirrels.

If you destroy the nest while there are still young squirrels then you are gonna end up harming or killing the babies that gonna make the mother squirrel angry.

Upsetting the mother female squirrels can cause you harm and she can damage your garden.

Adult squirrels also work hard to prepare for winter and store the food in their nest. So, do not destroy a squirrel nest in early and mid-winter.

Is It Hard To Get Rid Of Squirrels?

Squirrel removal is many days task, which requires time and patience. If you want to get rid of dependents forever, marshal your strength and start now.

In our guide, we try to give complete information that will help you to wildlife control indoors and outdoors both by human means and by more drastic ones.

The easiest way to deal with squirrels is not to allow them. It is much easier to control squirrel problem outside than trying to drive them away from your attic.

So you should do everything to keep squirrels out of your house before they get in.

Remove anything that may attract a squirrel:

  • Collect ground nuts, acorns, and fruits as well as cut branches from trees to prevent pests from climbing on the roof.
  • Buy airtight garbage cans with the covers tightly fitted and always keep them closed.
  • Find special bird feeders there are different designs and types. Do not place them near trees or the house. Clean the area under them.
  • Equipment bushes and decorative plants away from your house and plastic netting put on your flowerbeds. Although it does not add an aesthetic appeal to them, you will be able to save your favorite plants.

Keep Squirrels out of your house:

  • Seal all openings in walls and attic entrances. Patch all holes and places through which a squirrel can crawl.
  • Close entry points with netting and put metal encirclement over the ducts.
  • Place a metal fence digging it into the ground no less than 30 cm – so squirrels won’t dig under it.
  • Use squirrel traps. Place the cage in the opening the beast uses to enter and leave the house. When the alternate passages are sealed, the squirrels will be forced into the cage.

How to get rid of squirrels in the attiс:

  • Pack anything edible, the smell will likely attract squirrels. Clean the attic of everything that can be used by rodents for their nesting – paper, old wallpaper, woolen things, and so on.
  • Scatter around the hair of your pets – cats and dogs. The constant feeling of the presence of beasts will scare away harmful insects.
  • Try a popular method – moisten fabrics with ammonia and scatter them in places where squirrels collect. The sharp smell will get the animals started. After the “tails” disappear, put on a fan to clean the air and ventilate the attic!
  • Scatter around small balls wetted with naphthalene. They should be found in attic entrances, near boxes, and on all corners. To increase the remedy’s impact, combine it with other types of squirrel repellents.
Best Time Of Year To Remove Squirrels


We stick to the legal and humane ways of getting rid of squirrels, so we advise not using poisons, but keeping the squirrels alive and repelling them or capturing them and then freeing them together with their babies.

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