Best Wild Squirrel Food

4 Best Wild Squirrel Food and What to avoid

Watching squirrels as you sip on your espresso is an inexpensive hobby! You love those wild squeaky sounds with squirrels moving around. But how do you treat your wild animals when food is scarce? Especially those dinky undemanding squirrels!

They run so swiftly and look so healthy, isn’t it amazing? Do you want to be friends with these critters? Heck! Please provide them with the best wild squirrel food and enjoy their company.

Squirrel food is essential, you know…?

Cause seemingly they eat anything, but not everything is gut-friendly for them, such as cellulose.

Fret not…we have a solution for you. In this article, you’ll see some of the best wild squirrel food options and what to avoid for fun-size squirrels roaming around your backyard.

Let’s get right into that!

Best Wild Squirrel Food

Best wild squirrel food


It is of no surprise that squirrels love nuts, especially unsalted and shelled. Having a tree in your backyard that produces nuts is already a food option for your lovely wild squirrels. And if not, planting a nut tree is not a bad idea at all! You can also cherish this moment by sprinkling handfuls of nuts with attention and care.

Whatever the source, nuts in their shells are the best wild squirrel food. All nuts aren’t terrible, but nutritionally all of them aren’t great either. Fortunately, squirrels enjoy several healthy and tasty nuts. Some of these include.

● Hazelnuts

● Butternuts

● Hickory Nuts

● Pecans

● Walnuts


The nutritional value of fruits is tremendous both for animals and humans; we all know that! Likewise, if you are a garden owner, you know that squirrels enjoy climbing trees and get some fresh drupes.

As squirrels aren’t picky eaters, they don’t demand much. Apples, apricot, grapes, and avocados are some of the fruits they enjoy most. Fruits and vegetables are almost always available to them. They even eat insects and small snakes.


You have squirrels acting sneaky and eating from your bird feeder, so you think that they must like seeds, aren’t you? This is not always the case.

In short, seeds aren’t necessarily unhealthy for them, but they’re not the healthiest option either.

You can still feed squirrels seeds if you do it in moderation. After carving a pumpkin, don’t worry about the leftover seeds. Besides the seeds, they’ll eat a few of the shells too!


It is impossible to eat a healthy diet without vegetables. Your delightful pet needs this to be well-nourished after having seeds and walnuts. Vitamins and minerals are found most abundantly in vegetables after fruits. This includes.

● Beet greens

● Chinese cabbage (bok choy)

● Collard greens

● Dandelion greens

● Broccoli

● Carrot

● Fennel

● Kale

● Mustard spinach

● Parsley (fresh)

● Radishes

● Romaine lettuce(To name a few)

What to avoid feeding squirrels

Processed food for squirrels:

Junk food isn’t good for us nutritionally. Processed foods like candy and chips are high fat and have no nutritional value for anyone, including squirrels. Moreover, it is difficult for squirrels to digest cellulose, so feeding them bread or any other food containing cellulose may make them ill.

Don’t forget that if it doesn’t exist and grow in nature, it probably isn’t good for wildlife.

Raw Peanuts for squirrels

Almost all nuts are safe for squirrels, as long as they aren’t peanuts. There is a risk of squirrels getting sick from peanuts, particularly raw peanuts. It is okay to feed them peanut butter or roasted peanuts occasionally, but these foods aren’t best.

Niger Seeds for squirrels

Niger seeds won’t harm you, but squirrels don’t like them.

 A plus of niger seeds is that birds love them!

Pro Tip: Add some niger seeds to your bird feeder, so the squirrels aren’t able to steal all the bird food.

Corn for squirrels

A squirrel’s favorite snack may be corn on the cob, but it isn’t very nutritious. Squirrels eat corn as you eat pastries, i.e., lousy and unhealthy activity. In moderation, you can feed squirrels corn if they are provided with nutritious food daily, but not always.

Best Wild Squirrel Food


What to feed squirrels in winter?

A whole variety of things you can feed. Broccoli is also something your brain might not think of, but it is the best wild squirrel food. Squirrels prefer broccoli to carrots. So you can put out a stalk of broccoli that’s leftover.

How to stop squirrels from eating bird food?

It is essential to recognize what squirrels enjoy and dislike to protect your birdseed. You won’t have to worry about them stealing your bird seeds by feeding them their favorite food.

Finding the best squirrel food is the most straightforward and effective solution.

There are squirrel feeders available since squirrels prefer eating at the nearest feeder. With the improved food option, your squirrel will be happy, and the birds in your backyard will be able to enjoy a snack again.

Is it safe to feed squirrels?

Yes, you can feed them. The squirrel, however, is a wild animal. They might jump on you when you refill the feeder. Be careful as much as possible; therefore, they will not attack you.

Can squirrels eat sunflower seeds?

Yes! Seeds are among the things squirrels dote on. They adore pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, safflower seeds, and other large seeds.

Squirrels rely heavily on seeds for energy. In a diet dominated by grains, squirrels may not get enough calcium. So keep an eye on this aspect.

How to avoid squirrels eating garden plants?

There is no doubt that if you have many squirrels in your garden, then growing fruits and vegetables becomes more challenging. An ounce of squirrel food is essential to its survival.

It might be better to look for ways to keep squirrels away than to attract them. Squirrels can chew through flower bulbs as well as peel bark from trees. Instead of worrying about squirrels getting into things or eating from bird feeders, you can coax them away from flower beds by providing them with food.

Final Verdict:

Whether it’s a stalk of lettuce or an unbroken walnut, squirrels are fond of food and attention. They are clever and unstoppable, but by following the tips mentioned above and tricks, you can be friends with them and save your bird’s feeds and tulip bulbs.

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