Can You Have A Pet Squirrel In Florida

Don’t miss out! Can You Have A Pet Squirrel In Florida?

Having a pet squirrel is becoming more and more common because they are small and very cute. But can you have a pet squirrel in florida? Before getting a pet squirrel in Florida, you should know if it is legal or how to care for them. See these below…

Can You Have A Pet Squirrel In Florida?

Having a pet squirrel is becoming more and more common because they are small and very cute. In addition, unlike other rodents, they have diurnal habits, which allow them to be observed in activity more easily. But before getting a pet squirrel in Florida, you should know if it is legal or how to care for them. See these below…

Can You Have A Pet Squirrel In Florida

Is It Legal to Have Pet Squirrels Exotic Animals In Florida?

It is lawful to keep a squirrel as a pet in the territory of Florida, and a grant isn’t required. 

Florida guidelines likewise necessitate that the enclosure is furnished with a home or asylum box that can house all creatures all the while, a raised climbing mechanical assembly, things that give actual incitement, and something the squirrels can bite on. Things that give actual incitement can incorporate balls, boxing, or cylinders, while chewing things can be trees or logs.

What Is The Pet Squirrel Like?

They are somewhat shy animals and do not like to be taken by the tail or the back; If you want to take one, you must place food in the palm of your hand and wait for it to rise by itself. They usually get used to their owners and are friendly with them, but they are always wary of strangers.

If you take them out of the cage, they like to climb on your shoulder, but if they can, they will quickly reach a higher place, like a piece of furniture, to be able to observe the surroundings. As they are very agile, you should restrict their exits to a single room.

Be very careful that your pet squirrel does not escape. On the one hand, you will miss your pet, but they can also be a serious risk to the ecosystem, as they are predators of the nests of wild birds.

If you are going to buy a squirrel, choose one that is as young as possible. After six weeks, they have already been weaned and can eat alone. Look for one that has bright eyes, healthy fur, and is active and curious.

If possible, bring your hand closer and choose the one that approaches you with the most confidence. They are not ideal pets for young children, as they are easily startled by their screams and clumsy and jerky movements.

Pet squirrels can live alone, but they will enjoy having a cage partner. Two squirrels of the same sex will get along if they have been together since they are little, but not if you try to put them together once they are adults.

The coexistence between males and females is easier, even if you present them as adults. In the case of animals of different sex, you should ensure that they get along all year round.

If the male is in heat and the female does not receive it well, it will be better to separate them for a few days. Remember to give them places to hide from each other if they prefer.

Once you have your pet squirrel at home, you must be patient and “conquer” it by offering it sunflower or peanut seeds, first through the bars and then placing your hand in the cage until it agrees to climb into your palm.

When you first take her out of the cage, secure the room first, closing all doors and blocking any gaps where she can hide. Over time it will tame, and you can get it out with less care.

Can You Pet All Types Of Squirrels Wild Animals?

Yes, you can pet all types of squirrels in Florida. Florida has four species of squirrels in your state. Three of the squirrels are eastern & tree squirrels, grey, Mexican grey, and fox, which means they nest and seek shelter in the trees.

The other squirrel is the southern flying squirrel, which is known for its aerial manoeuvres. Because of the consistent state of hot climates, squirrels in Florida are active year-round. The species you can find in Florida are…

The Eastern Gray Squirrel:

The eastern grey squirrel, or Sciurus carolinensis, is native to the entire eastern United States, including Florida. These are some of the threatened or endangered species of exotic animals.

This species is a medium-sized squirrel, growing to around 2 feet when mature. Eastern grey squirrels can be identified by their male grey fur, and female squirrels have the same coat colour patterns.

These squirrels usually have two types of homes, a permanent den in a tree and a nest made of leaves near the treetops. In East Florida, grey squirrels generally live in hardwood trees such as oak and walnuts.

Mexican Gray Squirrel:

Native to Mexico and Central America, the Mexican grey squirrels have been introduced to Florida as exotic species.

These squirrels are similar in colour to this in grey squirrels & greyish dorsal region – but they have reddish-orange fur on their stomachs. Mexican grey squirrels’ bodies grow up to 2 feet and have tails approximately 1 foot long. Papaya and coconut are the main elements of the Mexican grey squirrels; however, this squirrel will also dine on acorns and walnuts if necessary. Mexican grey squirrels typically have two burrows: a permanent home and a place to escape predators.

Fox Squirrel:

The largest squirrel in Florida and in the entire Western Hemisphere is the fox squirrel, or Sciurus niger. This is one of the exotic species. When fully mature, fox squirrels reach a length of 2.5 feet, and their fox-like tail grows over 1 foot.

As of May 2011, the fox squirrel is considered a threatened species in Florida due to urbanization and habitat fragmentation.

The primary location in Florida, about fox squirrels, is in the Southwest of the region. The fur on the top of the squirrel’s head is black, and the dorsal region is greyish.

Fox squirrels live in pine and oak forests; however, these squirrels prefer the open spaces of forests rather than dense forests.

Southern Flying Squirrel:

Also known as Glaucomys volans, the southern flying squirrel is found in the forested regions of Florida.

The dorsal region and head of southern flying squirrels have greyish skin, while this bellied squirrel is cream-white or cream-coloured. Southern flying squirrels have folds of skin between their front and back legs. This skin fold allows them to glide when they jump off a tree branch.

These squirrels can glide over 150 feet from a tree to the south of flying squirrels are able to drift through the air. The tail of the southern flying squirrel is used as a braking mechanism when the squirrel approaches the ground.

Do You Need A Permit Or License?

 According to the law of Florida, All squirrel species except the grey squirrel, which is considered a game animal and game mammal, requires a License Application and meeting those requirements are legal.

How Prepare Your Home For Squirrels?

A recommendation that you will receive from all pet experts on these wild animals is that you should avoid domesticating or keeping a squirrel at home that has been taken from its wild environment. The reasons are various and can negatively affect both your own home and the people who live in it.

To begin with, a wild squirrel, of whatever species it may be, can have diseases that, although we cannot see them with the naked eye, can infect and infect us.

One of the diseases that they usually have is rabies, and with a bite that they give us, either playing or wanting to defend ourselves, we will run the risk of infection. This is just one of the diseases that we can have, among many others.

Squirrels that have not been bred in captivity see humans as possible predators, so they will flee from our side, stressing themselves, and in this flight, they can throw important objects in our house.

When you go to a pet store to buy a squirrel, they have to give you the assurance that this animal is free of diseases and raised from a young age with humans because this will make it easier to domesticate them. The most common breeds that you can find are the Korean squirrel and, in some cases, the red squirrel.

On the other hand, their diet must be very varied, so that they can grow stronger and with more energy. In addition to the fruits and seeds recommended by the specialist, you should include a little animal protein every two or three days.

With this, you ensure that its growth will be optimal, although when it becomes an adult squirrel, you already have to reduce it.

When the squirrel is at home, it must have a cage large enough to move freely; it must also be in places away from loud sounds such as television or music since at first this will translate it into danger and it will feel stressed, and you will stop trusting the environment.

At first, it will also be difficult for humans to approach him, so it is advisable to go little by little, letting the animal itself take an interest in you, although you can also invite it with food.

In the first weeks, what is recommended is that you go cautiously, with the cage closed and getting close to it so that the animal can inspect the place, the smells, the movements, and making them its own. You are then getting closer to the cage so that after a process, you can feed him through the bars of the cage.

How to Feed Your Pet Squirrel?

Squirrels are omnivorous, so, in addition to giving them vegetables several times a week, they should be given special seeds and grains that are included as their main food daily. Walnuts, dandelions, or other herb sprouts can also be added to the side of the vegetables.

When you can play with it, for example, sitting on the bed, the animal will trust you more and more and will have you like that being that gives it food, takes care of it, pampers it, and will already have you as a playmate.

At this time, you will feel at home, and you can even have the cage almost always open since it will return to it since it considers it your home.

Can you have a pet squirrel in florida


How to Tame Squirrels?

A squirrel is an exotic pet that is bought in a store should try to be young, in this way its domestication will be much better and it will be able to learn more orders, behaving better. Whether young or adult, remember that they must have a large cage, so they can play, jump from one place to another and live with greater activity, as they can get bored and sick.

One of the aspects that you can take into account for your purchase is that when you are looking at the cage where they are, go closer and choose the one with the most movement, the one that seems the most curious. These tend to have better skills to relate to humans and end up playing with them without risk of stress or escape.

How to Identify Squirrels on Your Property?

As we have already mentioned, squirrels can be seen and found anywhere and almost anywhere in the world. They can live anywhere, from a rural area to an urban area and from a highly-populated area to forests.

Being friendly in nature, they are quite familiar with human beings, and because of this habit, they can sometimes create a serious problem for you when they start living in your region of the property.

It can be your office, home, flat, and anywhere else. In your home, they can commonly be found in the upper story of your building, and the reason is pretty obvious; his ability to climb to heights easily and quickly.

Due to their adorable looks, we would love to see them playing around the trees, climbing and descending. However, they can be serious problems if they start to reside in your house/property because, in that case, they will start chewing on your wood, papers, and other important things, as you should not forget about your excellent chewing skills.

Therefore, it is necessary to keep a careful eye on every corner of your property to check whether they have started to reside in your location or not. Here are some tips for checking your home for squirrels.


Can you have a pet squirrel in florida? Florida permits many more modest fascinating pets that are generally prohibited in different states for no sensible explanation. The main drawback is that the vast majority of them require grants; however, fortunately, these licenses are free and have sensible prerequisites, so anybody can get them.

Having a squirrel as a pet is not an easy task; we are not going to fool you. But not impossible! We recommend that if you want to have a squirrel, you go to a trusted breeder and choose the best quality for its accessories and food. It is better not to give food to other types of wild animals, such as cats or rabbits. Ready to have your own squirrel?

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