Can You Keep A Squirrel As A Pet

Don’t miss out Now! Can You Keep A Squirrel As A Pet?

Can you keep a squirrel as a pet? Squirrels are charming feathery animals, consistently merry and dynamic; it appears to be that, assuming you have this creature at home, a vital occasion will come. Is it so? What conditions will have to be created for a comfortable life of squirrels in captivity, and how do they relate to domestication? In this article let us find out can you keep a squirrel as a pet.

Can You Keep A Squirrel As A Pet

Can you keep a squirrel as a pet?

Can you keep a squirrel as a pet? The answer is yes and no. Assuming the types of squirrel you need to keep is legitimate in your state, then, at that point, yes. A kind of squirrel is fair in many forms; Hawaii and California are exemptions, presumably others. All types of squirrels require a great deal of room comparative with their size. Many squirrels are like animals with a lot of space, and terrestrial species must have enough space to play. Unless your enclosure is spacious, they will need to be outside to play regularly. Some owners choose to keep squirrels in a large outdoor aviary.

Do Squirrels Make Good Pets?

In addition to being restless, squirrels are loud. They squeal and scamper and may even bite you if you are in a bad mood or hibernation. That is why it is not advisable to have a squirrel as a pet in a house with small children.

They are also not easy to take care of because they cannot be alone and require special attention, so you will have to juggle to organize your trips.

Is Having a Squirrel As a Pet Illegal?

While so-called exotic animals are banned in many states, you will find that most ordinances do not specifically mention squirrels. That doesn’t mean squirrels are legal, though. They are often considered game animals and are separately regulated. Animals native to where they originated are generally illegal in most states, and the same would apply to squirrels. Different states might permit hostage reproduced squirrels yet may prohibit those that come from nature. If you track down a wild squirrel that requires care, it is ideal to contact an authorized natural life rehabilitator.

Things You Should Know Before Keeping a Squirrel as a Pet:

If you have a pet squirrel, you have to know that they are so unrestrained that they will decide to enter the cage you prepare for them. And a squirrel at home will ask you for a lot of attention: that you play with it and that you pay attention to it. Of course, you will never lack fun with a squirrel as a pet.

● Once familiar with being human, they presently don’t realize how to adapt well to different squirrels or live in their territory. If we decide to adopt one, we must know that it cannot be abandoned.

They are especially noisy. Squirrels transmit squeaks and sounds for the day to communicate their temperaments. To live with them, you must be very tolerant of noise, as it could make some people nervous.

● They have uncontrollable behaviour; do not forget that these are wild animals.

● They cannot be alone, so they need a lot of time and attention. You always have to be aware of them to play or hang out with.

● They need a ton of opportunity; As they are interested and dynamic essentially, they expect space to run, climb, and investigate. They will be happier if they are allowed to run around the house.

● They do not usually give off an unpleasant odour, although they have a certain tendency to mark their territory, just as a dog would, with small urine samples. So we must be aware that perhaps some carpet or furniture will be affected, like plants, which may appear removed and even nibbled. We take special care with toxic products.

Why You Should Not Keep A Squirrel As A Pet:

● If you want to have a squirrel as a pet, you must be prepared for it. These are curious animals that constantly move or escape from their cage or try to, with the consequent fuss they can cause. If your squirrel escapes from its cage, you will never see it again.

● Another disadvantage is the animal’s heat, which occurs once a year and where some squirrels change their behaviour; they can become aggressive or, conversely, sleep all day.

● It is not easy to feed a squirrel. You should do it two times a day and offer apples, bananas, pears, walnuts, tree shoots, oats, boiled peas, or bone meal, among other foods. But you cannot give him sweets, almonds, salty or fried foods.

● Like all animals, squirrels also need to exercise outside of their cage. However, you can’t let them out without the risk of not being able to get them back in later.

Pet Squirrel Care:

The animal keeps itself clean. However, it sheds heavily once a year; during this period, the cage will be removed more often. The main thing that the proprietors should give to the protein is a spotless cell, a sound eating routine, and an open living space. If you cannot guarantee one of these points for some reason, you better give up the idea of ​​having such a pet in your house.

Suitable Pet Cage:

● Notwithstanding an enormous space for investigation and games, these rodents need a tranquil spot at home to rest. It is ideal for placing your enclosure where the light doesn’t reach straightforwardly.

● It is also significant that the enclosure is wide to get the day-by-day practice they need, even where they can climb.

● Prepare a cage with branches that is wide and spacious for her. Although she will spend a lot of time running loose, there will be times when she or you want peace of mind.

● It would help if you also had a nest inside her cage to sleep on cotton or fabric.

● Place the cage where it does not receive direct light, nor is it near ambient temperature change devices.

Pet’s Diet:

● Squirrels typically feed on fruits, seeds, acorns, nuts, flowers, and also some insects. Therefore, at home, you have to offer them a wide range of fruits and vegetables.

● Squirrels eat two to five times each day and, for equilibrium in their eating routine, it is fitting to counsel a veterinarian. At last, it is appropriate to place a jug of water in its enclosure, as is finished with different rodents, like homegrown bunnies.

● What should not be given to protein is almonds, roasted, salted, smoked, and sweet food sources. In a word, eating from your table is disallowed since this can hurt the soundness of the creature and cause its sickness and demise.

● It is vital not to overload the squirrel. In nature, they spend a lot of energy looking for food, but in an apartment, they do not have to strain, so extra grams are collected in a matter of weeks.

Can You Keep A Squirrel As A Pet

You Found an Injured or Abandoned Squirrel What to Do?

But, what if your plans were not to have this animal in your house, but you found a squirrel?

Look for the mom first. Although you can undoubtedly raise a baby squirrel, no one can do it better than your mother. Therefore, when you find one, it’s always crucial that you get it back from its mother the first time around.

Pick up baby squirrel delicates. Put on thick leather gloves (to be sure), look at it and check if there are wounds, bugs, bleeding, or lumps. If you are bleeding or notice broken bones or serious injuries, you need to get checked out by the vet as soon as possible.

If the animal is injured, give it first aid and take it to the veterinary clinic to provide the rodent with qualified assistance. Then you can take the squirrel home.

True, if this is an adult animal, there are very few chances of taking root in an apartment. You, of course, can try to tame the savage, but if you see that the squirrel is experiencing constant discomfort, begins to wither, let it go better. 

In case you find a squirrel (by the way, up to 12 squirrels can be born in one litter, they are born naked, and only by the end of the 2nd week their body is covered with fur, and by the end of the 1st month they open their eyes, then as already at 1.5 months – they are already entirely independent and can get their food), you cannot feed it with anything other than milk.

You can also give the squirrel a dry mixture intended for feeding kittens (sold in any pet store) instead of milk (it must be diluted). It is necessary to feed the baby from a syringe (naturally without a needle), and when he becomes older – through the nipple. During feeding, make sure that the squirrel does not choke, as the little ones eat quickly and greedily.

So, while the squirrel’s eyes are not yet open and he is entirely hairless – you should give him 2 millilitres of milk every 2 hours, when he has wool – the portion increases to 4 millilitres every 3 hours when the squirrel opens his eyes and he has lower incisors have appeared – you can give 6 millilitres every 5 hours.

When the squirrel’s tail is covered with fluffy hair and tassels appear on the ears, it can be fed every 5 hours, but night feeds can already be abandoned.

Keep in mind that some countries and jurisdictions have strict rules on breeding squirrels. Some US states, including Washington, have laws prohibiting or providing rehabilitation to a wild animal, a squirrel that is sick, injured, or orphaned unless you are taking with you to a rehabilitation centre for wildlife.

Familiarize yourself with the laws in your area, and keep in mind that you could be subject to prosecution if it is illegal to raise orphaned wild animals.

Are Squirrels Good With Kids?

Squirrels are strongly discouraged from families with children. Their persistent desire to caress the animal can have dire consequences.

Do Squirrels Bite?

They have a propensity for gnawing individuals in case they are agitated or feel at serious risk. For this reason, they shouldn’t be in homes with young children or the elderly.

What Is The Average Lifespan Of a Squirrel?

With proper care, an animal can live in your home for up to 10 years, while squirrels rarely live up to 4 years in the wild. If you take good care of your squirrel and feed it properly, you will have a pet for a long time, as they live between 16 and 18 years.

Can Squirrels Be Tamed?

If a small squirrel appears in your house on the edge of the forest and you tame it, you will have a very affectionate and trustworthy pet. But for this, you must have a lot of patience, and you should not try to catch or cage it.

Squirrels that live in captivity are easier to tame. If its cage is divided into a lower and an upper zone, the little animal will delight you with its climbing skills. And if you install a wheel, you will help him release his energy, and you will have fun with his pirouettes.

Not all squirrels can be tamed, but if you offer them some tastier food than the one they have in their feeder, little by little, you will be able to approach them, pet them and brush them.

Can you raise a squirrel as a pet?

In most cases, the squirrel is entirely unsuitable for keeping as a pet, or rather, about 90% of squirrels are not suitable for this. 90 out of 100 animals will sooner or later bite or scratch their owner or his family members very hard. And only the remaining ten squirrels, tamed at a young age, may become cute, affectionate animals.

Do squirrels bond with humans?

Squirrels are very unpredictable; they are prone to regular mood swings, which depend on hormonal levels. During such periods, they are extremely cruel to everyone they consider unnecessary on their territory, especially if they are in a confined space.

What can I feed my pet squirrel?

Pet squirrels will have to offer a very varied menu, which will cost a lot: hazelnuts, walnuts, pine nuts and peanuts, chestnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, vegetables, and fruits, dry mushrooms. Squirrels and needles should be free from the squirrel. All this can be bought in a specialized store or assembled by yourself.


Can you keep a squirrel as a pet? The squirrel is a wild, restless and active animal. Although we can provide excellent care and ample space, it may happen that our new pet is not happy and suffers essential consequences related to stress.

In addition, once you adopt a squirrel and it is fully accustomed to contact with humans, you will not be able to abandon it since it will not know how to survive or relate to its species.

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