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Do Squirrels Come Out at Night ? Exclusive Guide!

You have most likely seen squirrels running around and playing even after it gets dark outside. This naturally prompts the question of “do squirrels come out at night an when do squirrels come out at night ?” Not all of these furry critters are active at the same times. We’re going to take a close look at the wake and sleep patterns of these animals, which are actually quite interesting.

 Do Squirrels Come Out at Night?

Gray squirrels, which are found throughout the eastern U.S. and Canada, are only active during the daylight hours. These squirrels hunker down at night in their nests and hidey holes.

If you want to see gray squirrels, you should keep a close eye on your feeder during the morning and afternoon. While they are active in the evening, they become less so as nighttime draws closer.

Flying squirrels on the other hand are only active at night, resting during the day to replenish their energy levels.

Do Squirrels Come Out at Night

Do Squirrels Come Out at Night? When is the best time to see them?

Your chances of seeing most squirrel species are best first thing in the morning when you wake up. These chances increase significantly if you have a feeder by your house that is packed with squirrel-friendly food. They are also very active during the afternoon, but maybe not so much as the early morning hours.

Do Squirrels Come Out at Night and How Weather Affects Them

There is no question that the weather can have a huge impact on a squirrel’s overall activity on any given day. Depending on the weather conditions, your chances of seeing these animals might be very good or considerably low.

When it’s Raining

It is definitely still possible that you will see squirrels scavenging for food when it is drizzling or raining lightly. These animals can actually use their tail to help keep themselves dry. They instinctually turn their tail onto their back to avoid getting soaked.

You probably won’t see much squirrel activity at all during a downpour. Squirrels tend to avoid going out to forage during heavy rainfall. This is partially due to the fact that they have trouble regulating the temperature of their body. If these animals stay out in these weather conditions for too long, they could become seriously ill or even die.

Winter Months

Ground squirrels hibernate throughout the winter months, while tree squirrels do not. Squirrels that hibernate stay in cozy little den until early spring rolls around.

A ground squirrel will devote most of their time and energy each day to foraging for food. They do this in order to have enough sustenance to make it through the winter. If a squirrel isn’t able to get enough food to sustain them through the winter, they will not survive.

Summer Months

When summer rolls around, squirrels have to be careful about how much time they spend running around outside. While they don’t heat up like people do in this season, they can still overheat.

A big part of the reason why squirrels are so much more active in the morning during summer is because temperatures are lower. These animals definitely prefer to forage and play with their own kind when it is cooler outside.

Do Squirrels Come Out at Night and they have Good Night Vision?

A vast majority of squirrels don’t have very good night vision. They stay very quiet when the sun goes down to avoid attracting predators. The last thing that they want is to be chased around by a hungry predator in the dark.

Since flying squirrels are nocturnal, they have evolved to develop excellent night vision. In fact, they have a considerable advantage on many other animals when night falls. Because they spend much of their time in trees, spotting them can be a real challenge.

Flying Squirrels

Flying squirrels, which inhabit regions all over the U.S. and Canada, are active during the daytime and sleep at night. These squirrels are known for living in deciduous woods, which are filled with many oak trees.

It is pretty common to hear flying squirrels as you walk along forest paths. The main reason that they come out at night to look for food is to avoid predators. Most of the animals that are considered a threat to these squirrels are not nocturnal. It is therefore the safest time for them to be active.

If you ever see a flying squirrel glide between trees, it is a pretty spectacular thing to witness. They can coast through the air over 200 feet. Another impressive fact about these squirrels is that they can turn 90 degrees in mid flight. This is actually how they got their name to begin with. While they don’t actually fly, it definitely looks like it if you ever see them do this.

Squirrels Come Out at Night

Ground Squirrels

Most ground squirrels actually go underground when night falls. This provides them with ample protection from a variety of predators. They curl up in their subterranean accommodations, venturing back out to forage for food when the sun comes up.

A chipmunk will usually already be in its den by the time the sun goes down. Coming out before daylight breaks is a huge risk, so they don’t do this unless they absolutely have to.

Tree Squirrels

Tree squirrels, which include gray squirrels, red squirrels, and the fox squirrel, also go back to their den when the sun sets. They spend a good amount of time putting together a sturdy den that will keep them warm throughout the winter. These dens usually consist of twigs, moss, and leaves.

A tree squirrel’s drey is where it has its offspring and cares for them until they are ready to leave the nest. It also serves as a place to keep themselves and their babies safe from nearby predators.

Squirrel Nests

All squirrels have a nest or drey that they call home. Flying and tree squirrels make their nests in trees. These nests can usually be found high up where the branches fork. Some nests are actually inside of the tree, and they are often the former home of a woodpecker. Squirrels often settle down in abandoned cavities that once belonged to these birds.

Ground squirrels go into an underground den when the sun sets. This gives them all the protection they need from ruthless predators lurking nearby. If you were to look into one of these dens, you would see a series of tunnels that the squirrel uses to get in and out. These squirrels create their underground dens by burrowing into the ground. It can take a while to create this type of den, but it is a necessity for their survival.

 If you were to run after a ground squirrel, it would instinctually head towards its underground home. If you chased a tree squirrel, it would go up the nearest tree.

The nest or den of a squirrel provides shelter from the elements while keeping them safe from predators at night. Tree squirrels occupy their nest in the daytime, while the rest of these animals sleep in them at night.

Why do Squirrels Come out at Night?

There are a few reasons why squirrels that normally sleep at night would come out before the sun comes up. This usually happens because they are intrigued by some bright light. Maybe they mistakenly believe that it is daytime, or they’re just interested and want to investigate. It typically takes a lot for most squirrels to come out of their safe den while it is still dark outside.

A sharp increase in nighttime temperatures can also get some squirrels to come out at night. If it is unseasonably warm, they might be tempted to take advantage of this and do some foraging.

Another possible reason that a non-nocturnal squirrel might leave the safety of its nest at night is to avoid a predator. If a hawk or some other predator were to invade their nest, they could be driven out. These animals are quite tenacious and will fight when necessary, especially if they have hatchlings to protect.


The term “estivation” refers to a period in which squirrels are not active. This typically occurs in the summer months, though sometimes it can start as early as spring. It is similar to hibernation in that the squirrels aren’t resting, but it does not happen in the winter. A ground squirrel will remain in this phase of life for about three months each year. This plays a crucial role in their survival.

Final Thoughts

Do Squirrels Come out at Night? Most squirrels do not come out at night, as they do not see very well in the dark and are therefore easy prey for a number of animals. Ground and tree squirrels always head back to their nest or drey when the sun starts to set. Flying squirrels are nocturnal, so they are active in the daytime and sleep at night. If you want to see squirrels by your home, early morning is the best time to look for them. A squirrel feeder is a great way to attract these animals, so you’ll want to keep that in mind as well.

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