Do Squirrels Eat Bird Eggs

Do Squirrels Eat Bird Eggs? Explained by AboutSquirrel

The Sciuridae family includes squirrels containing marmots, chipmunks, and prairie dogs. They are common rodents that may be found all across the world.

Ecologists have divided the more than 200 squirrel species and varieties they’ve discovered into three broad categories:

● Squirrels with wings

Squirrels that live in the soil.

● Grey, Pine, and Fox Squirrels are examples of tree squirrels.

We’ll be looking at whether or not squirrels eat bird eggs today.

Do Squirrels Eat Bird Eggs

Squirrels are known to eat bird eggs.

Herbivores, by nature, squirrels eat seeds, nuts, lichens, fruits, pine cones, roots, corn cobs, and other twigs and branches. Nonetheless, squirrels are known to eat eggs and even adult birds! The protein and fat content of eggs make them an excellent meal choice.

Eggshells contain a lot of calcium, making them an excellent nutrition source. Squirrels are drawn to them as well.

Why Do Squirrels Consume Bird Eggs?

Squirrels eat bird eggs because they are opportunistic foragers that search for food in unexpected places—because of this, stealing eggs is a common tactic for them to supplement their meager food supply.

Squirrels and other omnivores are known for their opportunistic feeding habits, which allow them to augment their diet with whatever food is available. Squirrels may get various advantages from the eggs they consume as part of their diet. The most likely causes are:

● Pregnant women and new moms may have particular dietary needs that necessitate the search for a protein source with a higher nutritional value.

● Certain meals may lack nutrients like calcium and phosphorus that bird eggs may be able to supplement.

Squirrels may be more motivated to utilize eggs because of seasonal changes in the food supply.

Tips to save birdhouse

Here are some options to keep squirrels away from the nesting birds in your yard. Your baby birds may be safeguarded by using one of these methods to guarantee they have a long and happy existence.

Make it difficult for squirrels.

You may reduce the size of the aperture to the birdhouse in various ways. Reduce the entrance’s size by making the most of the available space. Consider the opening size and ensure it isn’t too huge for squirrels.

Attach a Long Narrow Tube to the Birdhouse’s Ventilation Opening.

To protect your birdhouse from squirrels, you need to insert a tube with a smaller diameter into your birdhouse’s aperture. Squirrels can’t walk through lines too small for the bird’s parents to fit through. Make sure it’s longer than a squirrel’s arm. Squirrels will be unable to get their hands on the eggs.

Do Squirrels Eat Bird Eggs

Invest in a Birdhouse Squirrel Baffle

For the safety of nesting birds, squirrel baffles have been created to make it almost impossible for squirrels to enter. Keeping squirrels away from bird feeders is another typical use for these nets. A squirrel baffle may be installed beneath a birdhouse if placed on an upright pole. 

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