Do squirrels eat dried mealworms

Do Squirrels Eat Dried Mealworms? (Answered!)

Many bird species consume mealworms because they are an excellent source of the nutrients they need in their diet. They have a high concentration of amino acids and protein, which is why the many squirrels that eat insects and visit your feeders find them beneficial. Therefore, many people who have a passion for squirrels are eager to buy mealworms so that they may share them with the squirrels that visit their backyard bird feeders. Have you ever considered the possibility that squirrels consume mealworms?

The local squirrel population may have been eating your mealworms, which would explain why you’ve noticed their disappearance sooner than anticipated. Because squirrels are omnivores, they eat a wide range of foods, including birds, plants, nuts, eggs, and mealworms. This is why mealworms are so crucial to their diet. It has been reported that they consume mice. As long as the food supply is accessible and does not harm the squirrels or the animals they hunt, it is probable that the squirrel will consume it.

Do squirrels eat dried mealworms

Do Squirrels Like Dried Mealworms?

Squirrels would swallow dried mealworms if they were provided with them. The response of squirrels to dried mealworms was very similar to the one they had to nuts.

Even while I’ve never had the pleasure of eating dried mealworms, I imagine they taste like seeds or nuts that have been dried out. This is possibly why squirrels have such a strong preference for them.

How Can I Prevent Squirrels From Eating Mealworms I Have Left Out for the Birds?

One of the key reasons you put mealworms in your garden is to entice birds to visit your backyard. Squirrels are adorable, and it is enjoyable to watch them flutter about in your yard, but birds are the primary reason you put mealworms in your garden. Therefore, if the squirrels consume every mealworm, there is a good chance that the birds will be deprived of their food source.

Some of the methods are:

Sprinkle Some Chili Powder 

To accomplish this, dust your mealworms with chili powder. It is the most effective method. Because their taste receptors are different from those of humans, several firms that manufacture bird food include chili in their formulations. This is because birds have distinct taste receptors than mammals.

Do squirrels eat dried mealworms

Make it impossible for squirrels to reach the bird feeders.

If you want to prevent squirrels from eating your mealworms, one strategy is to construct your habitat so that it is difficult for squirrels to access your food supply. 

Installing the squirrel baffle on both sides of the feeder and below is an additional method for achieving this goal. They work best when attached to pole-mounted feeders. You can purchase feeder poles that already have baffles connected to them, or you can buy them separately so that you may attach them to a bar that you already possess.

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