How to Keep Squirrels off Bird Feeders

10 Tips on How to Keep Squirrels off Bird Feeders

Are squirrels driving you crazy at the bird feeders? If so, then you have come to the right place. Feeding birds in the garden may be satisfying but, if you are unable to squirrel-proof your bird feeding pan to prevent losing grains to fuzzy meals, it may also be quite annoying. We understand your concerns, and that is why we have written this article for you. How to Keep Squirrels off Bird Feeders? You will find easy and cheap ways to keep squirrels off your bird feeders and also some tips on what you should never do. Keep reading to find out!

Why Should You Squirrel-Proof Your Bird Feeder?

The ideal kinds of bird seeds, such as dark oil sunflower grains, cornmeal, as well as nuts, are almost as appealing to squirrels as they would be to aerial creatures or birds. Initially, it may feel that squirrels are a pleasant addition to your garden habitat, and several birders have no problem with the infrequent squirrel interactions. But, some birders would have extreme issues with squirrels having their prodigious appetites, regular visits, as well as dominant attitudes.

Unlike birds who share their feeders with most visitors, squirrels prefer to threaten or drive away birds, and therefore will remain at that one feeder till it is unoccupied and will rapidly eat seeds. As the squirrels attempt to get into a nutritious bird feeder, they may bite and scratch on both plastics as well as concrete bird feeders, probably ending up destroying them. Some squirrels may also act as predators, and this will make the area unfriendly for birds. That is why you should squirrel-proof your bird feeders.

Easy Ways To Keep Squirrels Off Bird Feeders

There are several easy and inexpensive ways to make the bird feeders unappealing to squirrels without limiting their attraction to birds. You have to try these ways, and we guarantee you that you will see no squirrels near the bird feeders. Let us have a look at these ways:

Elevated Location

Squirrels may hop up to 10 feet, and so the bird feeders should be quite aside from branches, cables, patios, sewer lines, decks, as well as other leverage sites to make it quite difficult for squirrels to reach the bird feeder. Preferably, install or suspend the bird feeders no less than six feet higher on a flat metal rod, and trim off any limbs or branches inside a 12-foot range.

Install Baffles

Another you can do is to install flat plastic or alloy baffles on the top and bottom of bird feeders. The baffles must be about 15-18 inches broad or lengthy to stop squirrels from getting over them. Most squirrel baffles rotate whenever a squirrel jumps on them, leaving the squirrel unbalanced and helpless to reach the feeder.

Use Cages

Put a steel cage surrounding the bird feeder. Squirrels cannot move via tiny wire holes but, the birds will be able to eat. It is further beneficial to avoid bigger aggressive birds like pigeons, great horned owls, and seagulls from entering into the bird feeder. Few feeders arrive fitted with cages, but you may also simply build mesh over your current feeder like chicken wire. This way squirrels will not come near the bird feeder.

Keep The Feeder Tidy

Squirrels like to hunt for food on the field, and they can be attracted by the garbage in your bird feeders. They are likely to attack the feeders when they are near the field. For this, you should keep the place tidy below your feeders. Tie a wide sheet to the rod under the feeders to collect the dropping seeds. As a perk, you can draw more field eating birds, such as the mourning doves.

Use Of Soap

One frequently mentioned tip to keep squirrels off from bird feeders includes putting a bar of soap in the surrounding. The smell scares squirrels as well as other undesirable rodents away. You can try this tip right away.

Use a Slinky

You will have a good time with the squirrels who try to reach the bird feeder if you like by attaching a slinky. If the bird feeder is along with some post, then you only have to put a slinky over it. To watch whenever a squirrel attempts hard to ascend the support, and then the slinky makes its attempts pointless would be quite amusing. Please ensure that the slinky is near the field, or else the squirrels will leap above the slinky to approach the feeder.

Choose The Right Pole

Metal and Wood posts are extremely unchallenging to ascend, whereas the PVC or copper piping is known to be quite a challenge for the squirrels. Attempt to construct a DIY pole or bird feeder utilizing these items. We guarantee you that the squirrels will not be a problem anymore.

What Should You Not Do?

Squirrels can be irritating sometimes, but while trying the tips to keep them away from the bird feeders, you should never do the following:

Hunting and Killing

Some people hunt and kill the squirrels to keep the bird feeders squirrel-proof. It is highly illegal and inappropriate. If you would do this, you will be responsible for the unbalanced ecosystem. That is why you should never hunt or kill them.

Giving Poison

If you are planning to poison some of the seeds to kill the squirrels, stop right away. You will not just kill the squirrels but also the birds who will consume those seeds without them knowing.


Do not use cats to catch squirrels because cats will not just scare the squirrels but also the birds. Do not expect cats to distinguish as to which prey they select.

How to Keep Squirrels off Bird Feeders


We have provided you some easy and cheap ways that would help you in keeping the squirrels off the bird feeders. You have to try the tips rightly without harming the squirrels. We hope that this article helped you. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try the given ways now!

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