Exclusive Guide! Types of Squirrel House Plans

If you want to build a little place for your squirrel to come and eat around your home, you’ll want to consider building it a house. There are lots of different squirrel house plans available online that can help. Before you get started, it is important to explore your options and get some basic information.

Squirrel House Plans

Why You Should Build a Squirrel House and Need Squirrel House Plans

There are actually a few good reasons to build a house for feeding the squirrels that come around your home. It can help keep these animals out of your precious garden area. Squirrels can do quite a bit of damage to a garden, especially if there are fruit-bearing plants in it. By giving them a designated place to eat, you will distract them from your fragile flora.

Those who have a dog or cat that they let outside should also think about building a squirrel house. You won’t have to worry about these furry critters coming into your yard and getting mauled by your pets.

Many people build these little houses simply because they like watching the squirrels eat out of them. It also gives them a safe place to enjoy their food away from the threat of predators.

Types of Squirrel House Plans

When you are looking into squirrel house plans, there are a number of different designs to consider. You’ll want to take the time to go through these squirrel house plans before making a final decision.

Family Den Squirrel House Plans

If you have a whole family of squirrels near your home, you might want to build a den for them. This type of squirrel house can be a standalone structure, but it is recommended that you build three of them.

In the beginning, the mother and father squirrels will live in the den as a couple until their offspring is born. Once this happens, the mother will inevitably kick the father out of the den. She does this in order to take care of her children. During this period of time, the father will begin living in the second den.

Once the babies are old enough, they will leave their mother’s den. The father will move back in with the mother, and the offspring will move to the third den. When you make three separate dens available to these animals, this process should go quite smoothly.

Each of these three dens needs to be rectangular in shape and places close to a tree trunk. The opening should measure at least three inches wide. This will allow the squirrels to get in and out of the dens easily.

It will also be necessary to build steps on the floor and roof of each den. This makes it easy for the squirrels to move freely as they normally would. Remember to include an area in these dens that will give the squirrels a place to store their food.

Nesting House Squirrel House Plans

A nesting house is one of the most popular squirrel house plans, and it is also worth considering. This type of house is designed specifically for a mother squirrel and her offspring. After the babies are born, they will stay with the mother for a while. While this design is similar to the den, there are a number of differences you’ll need to be aware of.

When you are building a squirrel nesting house, you’ll need to drill some holes so it is properly ventilated. Make sure that you place the house in such a way that minimizes exposure to the elements. This means keeping it facing away from high winds and heavy rain. It is also recommended that you mount the house high up in a tree so that it is secure and not clearly exposed to predators.

Another important consideration when building this type of squirrel house is the materials you put inside. You can put some leaves in the house to keep the mother and her babies comfortable. You should also make a point of sealing the roof of the house so there aren’t any leaks when it rains. You’ll want to keep the inside of the house as dry as possible at all times.

Feeder/Nesting Box Combo Squirrel House Plans

You can also build a squirrel house that serves as both a feeder and a place for nesting. It will provide these animals with a safe place to live without the looming threat of nearby predators as well.

There are plenty of different squirrel house plans you’ll have to choose from when it comes to the food you put in the feeder. Some of a squirrel’s favorite foods include acorns, carrots, pecans, corn, grapes, sunflower seeds, apple, and even zucchini. You also have the option of buying commercial squirrel food from a pet store in your area.

Basic Components of a Squirrel House

Once you have chosen a certain design for your squirrel house, you’ll need to learn about all of the parts that make it up. These details can vary depending on the type of house you decide on, so you’ll need to keep that in mind. It is crucial that you pay close attention to detail so that you end up giving these animals a proper place to live and/or feed.

The Door

The door of the squirrel house you build should measure around three inches across from side to side. You’ll need to make sure that the squirrels can gain access to the house without any difficulty. Making this opening too wide can cause trouble, as certain predators might be able to get in as well.

The Entryway

It’s also a good idea to build a small shelf that will keep out hawks and other animals that naturally go after squirrels in the wild. This will help keep the squirrels safe and secure at all times.


Squirrels are natural climbers, so you’ll want to include at least a couple sets of stairs inside of the house you build. These stairs will allow them to move around easily. Don’t forget to build a little ladder that will allow the squirrels to get up onto the shelf when they need to leave the house.

Required Materials

Before you make squirrel house plans and start building a squirrel house, you will also need to know which materials you will require.

The materials you will need for this type of project include:

  • Measuring tape
  • Sandpaper
  • Sealant
  • Wood glue
  • Pencil and paper
  • Wood boards and brackets
  • Jigsaw
  • Screws

Steps to Follow

You will need to follow these steps carefully when making a squirrel house. It is important that you pay attention to every detail throughout this process for the best possible end result.

Create a Sketch

The first thing you’ll need to do is to use your pencil and paper to sketch out the squirrel house you want to build. Pay close attention to detail when drawing the structure, as this is what you’ll be going off of. Use your tape measure to ensure complete accuracy when doing this. Note the measurements of each side as you draw them.

Selecting the right Wood

There are many different types of wood that you can use to build a squirrel house. Some of the best options include pine, cedar, and redwood. You should avoid plywood, as predators will have an easy time taking it apart. Make sure that you have some extra wood just in case you make any mistakes.

Measuring and Cutting

The next step in this process involves measuring and cutting the wood into the pieces you’ll need to put the house together. Use a pencil when measuring so you can easily erase any mistakes.

Be careful when cutting the wood, as precision matters a great deal. Take your time and do it slowly so you don’t have to go back and do anything over again. Remember that squirrels prefer being in fairly tight spaces, so you don’t want to cut the boards too big.

The side walls can be especially tricky, so you’ll need to be very careful. These walls should be the same width as the boards you use for the front and back of the house.

When making the doorway to the house, remember that it must be three inches wide.

Putting the Walls Together

After you cut up the wood boards into walls, you will need to put them all together. They should fit nicely without any gaps or odd angles. All you will need to do this is some wood glue and screws. Use the sealant to make sure the roof doesn’t leak when it rains.

Final Thoughts

A squirrel house is a simple and rewarding woodworking project that you can do by yourself or with your children. It will give these little critters a safe place to live and raise their young until they are ready to go off on their own. Whether you are going to build a den, a nest, or just a feeder, take your time and pay attention to every detail,make good squirrel house plans. Even a seemingly small mistake can have serious repruccions later on for these animals.

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