5 Best Squirrel Repellent for Cars

Squirrels may not come to mind when you think about creatures that might cause harm to your vehicle. Squirrels as well as similar animals, on the other hand, have been known to gnaw on car wire, inflicting electrical system destruction.

Once there are squirrels in the neighborhood, one of them may make its way underneath the bonnet and begin munching on your car’s wires, regardless of as to where you reside. These fuzzy small criminals may inflict automobile damage, resulting in costly repairs.

Squirrels might seem all too cute and friendly, but beware of the damage they are able to cause, which is why we have formulated this article to help you prevent your cars from the damage these squirrels are bound to inflict. Here you can find some of the best squirrel repellent for cars which offer maximum protection without being heavy on your pockets.

We have chosen each product after intensively weighing their pros and cons and assessing whether or not each products works the way as they are advertised. It was to ensure that the product you eventually choose to buy from this list offers you the perfect value for the money paid for it.

Squirrel Repellent for Cars

Squirrel Repellent for Cars

1: Exterminators Choice Vehicle Defense Rodent Repellent Spray

This Vehicle Defense spray safeguards your automobile, its electrical, as well as engine chambers against squirrels, which can cause significant harm. It provides long-term protection against squirrel bites and is quite effective. This spray is completely safe, powerful, and simple to use. It employs a potent combination of essential oils that is safer than harmful pesticides and smells pleasant to humans while driving squirrels away. After spraying under the hood, let it sit for around 30 minutes and then see the magic.


  • After a few months of frequent use, this will require to be used only once a month, which is cost effective as well as useful in the long-term.
  • Available at extremely reasonable prices


  • The smell is really horrible.
  • Requires regular usage for the first few months which can get a little on the expensive side.

2- Natural Armor – All-Natural Engine & Vehicle Rodent Defense

Squirrel bites in your car’s engine wiring are no match for this product in any weather. It could be used successfully all over the vehicle, including the perimeter, within wheel wells, engine compartments, as well as under the hood, wiring harnesses, headliners, also wheels. This repellent is free of solid ingredients that clog sprayers and render them ineffective after a short time. If you are dissatisfied with this product for any reason, please contact the vendor by phone or email, and your purchase will be refunded without question.


  • It is an all-natural product and does not contain any chemicals or poisons that could potentially harm the humans.
  • Works well enough from the start, and in no time prevents squirrels from eating up your car wires
  • Smells nice


  • Some users of this product claimed that it does not work as effectively as advertised.

3- Mighty Mint Rodent Repellent Spray for Vehicle Engines and Interiors

Unlike other rodent repellents, Mighty Mint is a safe and efficient repellant. Excellent for the automobile, the engine, the tyres, and the wires. When using this product around your car, you can be confident that no dangerous or destructive chemicals or residue will be left behind. Simply spray the affected areas around your automobile with this rat control product.

Squirrels won’t be able to get into your tyres, engine compartment, trunk, or even the inside if you do this! Repeat the procedure every 2-3 days for the greatest results. Only natural chemicals go into Mighty Mint Rodent Vehicle Protection. Essential peppermint oil is the main component. Natural peppermint oil has a long history of being safe and highly effective as well.


  • Does not harm the wires of the car at all.
  • Available at extremely reasonable rates
  • Keeps the squirrels away quite effectively and lasts a lot longer than expected


  • The smell is quite disgusting and unpleasant

4- Exterminators Choice Small Rodent Defense Spray

Because this squirrel repellent is made entirely of non-toxic chemicals, it is completely safe to use inside and will not affect your car or its components in any way. It has been shown to successfully deter squirrel gnawing, nesting, and chewing. It’s also recognized for being strong and long-lasting.

 This solution is safe, effective, and simple to apply; it employs a potent combination of essential oils that is safer than harmful pesticides and smells pleasant to people, yet repels rats. This spray also doesn’t leave behind any residue that might damage humans.


  • This keeps squirrels and other rodents away quite effectively and its powerful effect lasts a lot than initially anticipated
  • This product works best without being too much of a burden on the pocket
  • It’s non-toxic list of ingredients makes it quite safe and convenient to use


  • The results you want to see; i.e., the complete absence of squirrels, will be visible after frequent use of it for quite some time and not immediately.

5- SEALUXE Rodent Repellent for Car Engines

The mouse and squirrel repellent, which is made with a mixture of essential oils, emits a long-lasting smell of essential oils that swiftly repels rodents and squirrels from your automobile. These rodent repellents provide a long-lasting odour that is attractive to humans, but unpleasant to rats, squirrels, and mice.

The odour may persist anywhere from 30 to 90 days and is excellent at keeping rats away. This squirrel repellent for vehicles is made with a blend of essential oils that is safe for both humans and pets. This device is ideal for use under the hood of a car to keep squirrels and rats from eating your wiring and costing you hundreds of dollars in repairs.


  • This product works quite effectively and keeps the squirrels away from nibbling and chewing on the car wires
  • It is available at quite reasonable rates
  • This product is very easy to install, takes up very little space and stays intact for the longest period while not messing up things
  • It smells really wonderful


  • Given the description of the product that it should last at least 30 to 90 days, it does not do so. In fact, the smell lasts only up to 2 weeks at most.

 Frequently Asked Questions

1- What happens when squirrels get under the hood of the car?

Car wiring can generally be chewed on by squirrels and other rodents, causing serious damage to the vehicle’s electrical systems. These furry little criminals may cause automobile damage, resulting in costly repairs. Smaller pests, such as squirrels and other rodents, are typically not covered by insurance policies since infestations are deemed avoidable.

2- What is the most effective way to stop the squirrels from getting under the hood of the car?

The most effective way to keep the squirrels from chewing and nibbling the wires of your car and in the end causing you to pay hundreds and thousands for repairing, use squirrel repellents. These come in variety of textures, for example spray and gel like liquid solutions. These work effectively in keeping squirrels away from your cars and are often not very expensive as well.

3- What kind of smell do squirrels hate?

White pepper, black pepper, and garlic have a natural aversion to a squirrel’s nose. Sweet scents, such as peppermint, are the same way.

4- What to look for when buying a squirrel repellent for car?

There are a number of features you can look at when buying a squirrel repellent for your car. First and foremost, should be the money. You should always set a budget first, and squirrel repellent for cars are not very expensive as well. Secondly assess what kind of repellent would you like. Will you be comfortable with a spray or will you be needing those tiny repellent balls that melt off and leave residue which then keeps the squirrels away. Thirdly you should check the long-term monetary requirements of the product. In this factor consider how long the squirrel repellent for car will last and how often will it need to be reused.


This article contains an in-depth understanding of the problems squirrels are able to create once they make their way in the hood of your car. These tiny animals, no matter their size, are capable of making problems worth a couple hundreds of dollars at the very least, which is why you much invest in effective squirrel repellent for your cars immediately.

In this article, we have chosen five of the best squirrel repellents for cars we could find online. Each of these products is checked against a number of factors and offers more benefits than the price paid for it. We have manually checked each product before adding it to the list to ensure that you end up buying the best repellent only. We hope you find this useful!