What to do if you find an injured squirrel

What to do if you find an injured squirrel [NEW GUIDE]

On a fantastic dusky evening, you are sitting in your backyard, enjoying your me-time here with a cup of carrot juice. It is not uncommon to see wild baby animals outside when a new generation makes its appearance during this time. One day, you saw a squirrel looking for help. You looked around but had no clue about his parents. The first thing that pop-ups in your brain are, what to do if you find an injured squirrel. Just read this article on what to do if you find an injured squirrel, and you are good to deal with such a situation!

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What to do if you find an injured squirrel ( baby squirrel )

Follow these steps if you ever find an injured baby squirrel,

  • Look around and search for the nest or siblings.
  • Makes sure there is no dog or squirrel predator around.
  • Check if there is any injury on the squirrel or not.
  • When possible, try to avoid touching the baby with complex objects, such as a cloth or a washcloth. Covering the container with a clean, soft cloth protects the baby.
  • Animals have fur to keep them warm, so make sure to keep the squirrel at a warm place as it may not have developed a coat.
  • The baby should not be fed; rehabilitation centers use a unique formula. 
  • You can search for the mum, who might be trying to locate her squirrel. Placing the container in an area where she can see and access it is the best thing you can do. Watch out for predators in this area, and be sure to keep it safe!
What to do if you find an injured squirrel

What to do if you find an injured juvenile or adult squirrel?

Injuries are caused by many things, including being hit by a car, falling from a tree, being attacked by an animal, and getting poisoned. There may be a listing to the side, walking in circles, feeling dizzy, or bleeding from the mouth or nose due to head trauma or poisoning.

  • Handle squirrels with care if they are hurt: squirrels aren’t naturally aggressive, but they are sharp-toothed and have strong jaws and teeth to avoid capture. Protect your hands by wearing thick gloves.
  • A towel can be used to cover the squirrel, and a box or cage can be used to catch him. It is possible to capture squirrels in animal cages with removable bases, similar to what you would do to catch an insect in a cup and slide something underneath it.
  • Provide a soft bed (an old shirt will do)
  • Keep the squirrel warm.
  • Place the box/cage in a quiet area away from other animals.
  • Don’t hold or pet the squirrel.

Who to call for an injured squirrel?

Stated, once you have removed the squirrel from any immediate danger (if you cannot do so yourself), it is always a good idea to contact a professional. Leaving the baby outdoor alone is never a good idea; you should bring them inside. Keeping the baby squirrel in a small box with non-frayed toweling in a separate room in your house where a door can be closed if you are concerned about pets or children is also an option.

What to feed an injured squirrel?

It is NOT a good idea to feed them anything. The stabilization instructions recommend getting them warm first. You can also rehydrate them with this information and then locate a wildlife rehabilitator afterward.

What is a squirrel nest called?

Tree nests are called “dreys.” They are constructed from different materials, like leaves, twigs, and other leaf-like materials. Nests are commonly located in the top third of a tree and are made soft using fur or other soft materials. In some trees, they use old woodpecker holes and other cavities that form naturally over time due to natural processes.

The signs of a dying squirrel

When your squirrel shows signs of illness or death, you could suspect it is dying. It is commonly known that a squirrel with healthy fur, a perky personality, and exceptionally quick and precise abilities is healthy.

  • Spastic or convulsive seizures
  • Discharge from their eyes, mouth, or nose
  • Wheezing
  • A rash or a wound
  • Lack of energy or weakness
  • Tumors
  • Uneven or spotty skin.
  • Diarrhea
  • Injury

Do Squirrels Die Of Old Age?

Squirrels can live up to 12 years as pets, and they too die from old age in the same way as other animals. The lifespan of some squirrels can exceed that of others, but after a certain number of years, they will naturally die.

Rather than say goodbye to your friend too soon, it would help if you said goodbye before he passed.

What to do if you find an injured squirrel

How To Help Prevent Sickness In Squirrel?

Keep their cages clean at all times

Everyone knows that filthy conditions are welcome diseases. The same is the case for chipmunks. They can quickly get ill in dirty cages. We recommend cleaning the squirrel cages at least once every week. It may be necessary to wash the walls with soap or detergent if food or feces are still present in the cell.

Proper Nutrition

A squirrel’s healthy diet must include a variety of healthy and balanced foods. Avoid giving your baby squirrels formula or milk made for baby squirrels. Because they lack the nutrients and vitamins they need, they can die. To learn how to feed a squirrel, you should visit a veterinarian or wildlife rescue center.

Handling and petting them with proper hygiene

Handle your squirrel only after you have washed your hands. Disinfectants can prevent infections by cleaning your hands.

Squirrel Quarantine

You should always isolate a squirrel who appears to be sick from the rest of the group whenever an infection arises. It is okay to let your squirrel stay in one room of the house for at least an hour a day. Afterward, your squirrel can play, climb, and run in this room.

Final thoughts

Witnessing the nightmare of an injured squirrel is not easy at all. Several types of illnesses affect squirrels. However, they can carry the disease for a long time without showing any visible symptoms. Whenever you notice any changes in your squirrel’s appearance and behavior, this can help to indicate that it is not healthy. The safest method that a pet owner can use to spot a sick squirrel is by taking it to a vet regularly.

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