Why Do Squirrels Stand Up

Why Do Squirrels Stand Up?[Stare at You!]

Have you ever seen any rodent on its paws? Standing still and staring at you? How do they even stand like this, and what about staring? Why do squirrels stand up in front of you? Are they trying to say something? When you know what they’re trying to communicate, you may be able to help them.

It is not uncommon to see squirrels standing up. One of many reasons they could stand up is to warn others or to gain a better perspective. To avoid alerting others, they would no longer stand when there were other squirrels around. The squirrels will stand when they need a better view of something and when they are not alone if they can do that. Being social animals, squirrels do not need to be able to stand up to see something better. Here is the ultimate information on why do squirrels stand up and stare at you.

Why Do Squirrels Stand Up

Why do squirrels stand up and stare at you?

You stare at these chipmunks daily in your homegrown fruit garden. But one day, you notice that he is standing straight and constantly staring at you. You get intrigued that why is this happening. So here is the answer…

Most of the time, squirrels stand up and stare at humans from fear, curiosity, or out of a need for food or as a way to communicate with them. They might think of you as a hunter and trying to act like a frozen squirrel to escape from the situation. The other reason could be they are short of sleep at night and are sleeping now with open eyes.

If they are napping, they tend to do this when they have a purpose. Sleeping squirrels have their eyes open as if they were staring at you!

There is an instinct to stare in every animal, whether they are captive or in the wild.

The fact that a backyard squirrel stares at you can be scary, but it usually means they’re feeling uncomfortable and want to keep themselves protected.

A squirrel will stare at a human for many other reasons, and we’ll discuss them further below.

For a deeper understanding of squirrel behavior, you will need to learn how to read their body language. The way they move tells you how they feel.

Standing And Staring

A standing squirrel is might be showing a codesign to the other squirrel. They are all in nature, maybe. There are multiple reasons, which I am going to discuss here. 

It is squirrels’ tails that alert each other to danger in the wild. When squirrels talk to one another, they sometimes make strange noises. Many squirrels will attempt to flee if they see you coming, but sometimes a brave one turns and stares at you while he eats.

Why A Squirrel May Stand Up

In general, when a squirrel stands, it could be for several reasons. Let’s look at some of them:

Any sign of threat

Every animal shows a specific gesture when they feel a threat. Some hide in the nests while others, such as chameleons, change their color. Likewise, if squirrels feel any danger, they may stand up or stare. There is a chance that the nest is a little too close, and any movement could be dangerous, so he freezes and stands up.

You may not be able to teach a squirrel your routine when they are visiting your backyard for the first time. If your squirrels return to the feeder regularly, they could even tell you like to spend time on your deck based on your daily routine. But if the chipmunk is new, they might get threatened after seeing you. You could be stared at for some time as they gauge your threat level. But as time passes, she gets used to your routine, plays with you. and acclimatizes with your way.


Sometimes these little critters are curious to see you. They stand up and stare at you to have a more comprehensive picture of everything. Additionally, squirrels understand similar sounds and will stare at or approach you if they hear something. Video recordings showed people feeding squirrels before, which helped them to develop trust with them.

Predators in the area

Rodents are at the bottom of the food chain, along with birds, coyotes, raccoons, weasels, and other predators. In the wild, squirrels are rare meat for humans, but many animals will eat them. So if you have any squirrels nearby, make sure to safeguard them from foxes, bobcats, and other aerial predators. It is essential to keep an eye on the safe, which means keeping an eye on their surroundings.

They can sense you

Senses keep us alive. You touch something and feel it; it’s a sense. You hear the traffic; it’s a sense. Likewise, squirrels have reasons. Squirrels have highly specialized brains, which allows them to adapt to their environments. They are also able to stay safe due to highly specialized visual functions. As long as they’re looking at you, they are likely to notice you and try to find out if you’re approaching too closely. It is usual for them to flee whenever they feel threatened or insecure.


Hunger can drive anyone crazy. The same is true for wild squirrels. You can provide some healthy food to these chipmunks daily. It’s possible to teach a squirrel that food is found if you put food out for it. Another possibility is that they stare at you without blinking or moving after being fed. Squirrels give begging stares while standing up when they are hungry and hoping for food, similar to their looks when they are begging for food.

Why Do Squirrels Stand Up

Understanding standing squirrel behavior

To better understand standing squirrels, you need to observe the body language that accompanies this movement. Here are some of the different signs to look for to help you determine what the wild squirrel is communicating.

· Squirrels will stand perfectly still if they sense danger, as though they were invisible. When they realize that they are in trouble, they will run in unpredictable ways to confuse predators.

· Other squirrels will hear them scream or make strange noises if danger is close.

· If a squirrel stands on its hind legs, this can be a signal to others or a way to take in its surroundings.

· It is possible that they are staring at you but are not moving, and they are not blinking without meaning to do so. Using their excellent peripheral vision, they would perceive what is above and beside them without having to move their heads.

Is the squirrel standing up and napping?

The squirrel may simply be sleeping rather than staring, which is one thing worth considering. It is common for squirrels to sleep with their eyes open. This allows their brain to recognize danger, even while they are sleeping. They can respond to this by waking up as necessary and fleeing.

In addition, they tend to sleep a lot throughout the day, so this ability plays a vital role in their survival. It is usual for them not to blink their eyelids while standing up for several minutes at a time, especially when they are threatened. You can determine if a squirrel is asleep if standing up still at your balcony for ten minutes without blinking.

How to deal with excessive staring and standing up

You should be mindful if a squirrel is standing up and staring at you. Even if it is not sleeping, maybe it signals that she wants your attention and communicates with you.

The squirrels communicate with each other, just as many people think they are communicating with them.

The following sounds are to be avoided, and their meanings explained.

· A squirrel’s “Kuk skunk Kuk,” “quaa quaa,” and “muk muk” are clues that a predator is nearby, according to the scientist Robert Lishak.

As soon as they hear one of these sounds, the squirrel will likely treat you as a predator and run into a nearby tree.

When you’re in another person’s environment, you’re in their space. Is it possible they buried a nut on top of you, or you are too close to their nest?

As soon as you leave the environment of the squirrel, he will stop staring at you. If you are feeling uncomfortable, move away from it.

Can you build trust with a squirrel?

Videos of people who hand-feed squirrels and build trust with them are all available on YouTube. Some people have even raised squirrels as pets despite finding them as babies.

The squirrels, in general, are friendly even though they don’t trust humans very much. Despite their familiarity with humans, they should be left alone because of their wild nature.

There is no problem feeding wild animals such as birds and squirrels. You can’t build trust with each other while holding them as pets simultaneously.

As long as a squirrel feels safe, they will approach you. Never force anything, and always be friendly and gentle with them.

Final Words

Thousands of years ago, squirrels stood up and stared at each other, which helped keep them safe in the wild. There are different types of staring, and you need to understand someone’s body language and behavior to understand what they are trying to communicate.

Perhaps something is happening. There is no need for them to look at you at all if they are enjoying a nap or in a zen state! Both captive and wild squirrels have peculiar behaviors that must be learned over time. 

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